QToys ‘Tower of Pisa’ Rainbow Blocks Set


You’ll have endless fun with this colourful ‘Tower of Pisa’ set of wood-dyed cubes.

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To play the Jenga-style game, players first build a tower using the 100 wooden cubes. The game begins with the first player tossing the included dice. The player is then required to remove a cube from the tower with the color indicated on the dice – without making the whole tower collapse! Players take turns until the tower is no longer standing.

Alternatively, this fantastic set of cubes can be used to build and create an infinite number of structures, and is ideal for helping young children understand three-dimensional shapes, area, spatial concepts, numbers and counting.

All QToys products are made of plantation timber, using non-toxic, child-safe and eco-friendly materials.

Set includes: 100 wood-dyed colour cubes and 1 die (dice).