QToys Rainbow Wood-Dyed Planks Set (200 pcs)


Let your sense of imagination and creativity run wild with this set of 200 brightly-coloured wooden planks.

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What can you create with this set of wood-dyed colour planks? Well, pretty much anything. Houses, skyscrapers, bridges, chairs, tables, cars, ships, pallets, kindling… you name it.

Each set come with an activities guide, featuring illustrations of 10 different models for you to try and replicate. Alternatively, throw off the shackles and toss that instruction booklet right into the bin (or place it neatly away in a drawer), and try to create something truly unique or wonderfully weird.

The only limit is your imagination*!

Plank size (LxWxH): 10.5 x 2 x 0.7cm


*(also the number of planks you actually have)