About Us

Wooden Goods is an independently-owned Australian online retailer specialising in wooden toys, gifts, games, homewares, accessories and various other wooden products.

Wooden Goods of started from a nostalgic appreciation of wooden toys in a world filled with plastic and pixels. We've always been fascinated by wooden toys and the way they exude a special charm and timeless quality. Growing up, wooden toys allowed us to use our imagination and creativity – in distinct contrast to the modern prevalence of mindless staring into screens.

After shopping around, we noticed that almost all stores selling wooden toys presented themselves as 'boutique' outlets – with premium price tags to match! Our initial desire was to provide Australian consumers with a selection of wooden toys that were high-quality but not exorbitantly high-priced. It was then we thought, 'Why should we limit ourselves to toys when there's so many great wooden products out there!?' And with that, Wooden Goods was born.

At Wooden Goods, we've put together a selection of some of our favourite items – all of them wood; all of them good. While we are still a young and small Perth-based business, we are committed to becoming Australia's leading online retailer of wooden products.

Why wood?

Wood has been regarded as a high-quality and incredibly versatile material for thousands of years. It is a naturally durable, sustainable and reliable substance that has its own unique charm; it exudes a sense of warmth that cannot be replicated by metals or synthetic materials.

In a world increasingly full of mass-produced plastic products, wooden goods allow us to maintain a connection to both nature and tradition.